Some of the comments my students have about Yoga in Bellbowrie

I just love Carole’s yoga classes. She staggers the difficulty of any posture or activity so all levels of ability are catered for. There is a wonderful blend of breathing, stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxation in her classes. She is also very good at adapting her classes to suit people if they have joint or muscular problems to ensure nothing is aggravated. I have been personally attending Carole’s yoga classes intermittently since 2006 and will continue to recommend her teaching to my patients, friends and family.
Yours Truly
Alison Fenton
BAppSc(Physio): BHMS
APA Member

I have been doing yoga with Carole for about 7 years when she was began teaching yoga in the Church Hall (next to Moggill SS) and then moved to her home studio.  I started yoga classes to learn some relaxation skills and along the way I have enjoyed challenging myself with the different asanas (Poses).  Carole always practiced ‘ahimsa’ which is working within your own limits and suggests that you do not compete against the other participants in the class.  Carole’s classes are often mixed ability; gentle enough for beginners as well as instructions given for those who wish to practice stronger poses, which she checks with each participant at each session.  I have also learnt to meditate and my flexibility and posture has improved considerably during this time.  I enjoy Carole’s weekly yoga classes and would do more classes if time permitted - pure bliss.  I can highly recommend Yoga in Bellbowrie with Carole.


Carole is extremely knowledgeable, always caring and encouraging, and works with every individual to their capacity. She is patient, understanding and kind. Her yoga classes are personalised, lots of fun, and relaxed, and the health and well-being benefits are really noticeable."

(Bowen Therapist)

I have been attending Carole’s yoga classes for years and have also attended other yoga studios in that time.  What Carole offers is unique because of her gentle encouragement.  Her yoga lessons are relaxing and energising.  They help me to feel centered, to stop and “be in the moment”, something I would find hard to do without the training that yoga has given me.